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Age Spot Removal

Aesthetic 05Remove Your Age Spots the Easy Way

Age spots are an inevitable part of growing older, but with laser treatments you can remove those unwanted spots and enjoy a more youthful appearance.

Many of us wish that the smooth, attractive skin of our youth could last a lifetime, but as we age, so does our skin. [Discolorations], which are sometimes called “age spots,” “liver spots” or “sun spots,” suddenly appear on the face, shoulders, arms and hands — areas of your body that receive the most sun exposure.

The reason is that ultraviolet rays from the sun cause melanin, a natural pigment, to become overactive and develop spots, especially as you get older.

How Are Age Spots Different from Freckles?

Freckles and age spots are both caused by the overproduction of melanin activated by exposure to the sun. However, freckles are much smaller and numerous. While freckles tend to fade over time, age spots generally appear in people aged 60 and older. Age spots are permanent unless you opt for laser treatment to remove them.

Can Age Spots Be Removed?

Yes! You can effectively fade the age spots significantly with our advanced laser treatment, which targets melanin-producing cells. Laser procedures are fast, safe and effective. After just one or two laser treatments, you’ll begin to see results.

Which Laser Treatment Is Best for Age Spots?

At Pupila Family Eye & Ear Care, we use the ICON laser system. It uses a smart, advanced technology that measures melanin levels in certain skin cells and pinpoints where to target the treatment. This means that the parts of your skin that don’t have age spots won’t be affected by laser treatment.

ICON’s specialized and [optimized] light photo rejuvenation technology treats all types and shades of age spots, as well as freckles and other imperfections.

Can’t wait to see how clear and smooth your skin can look? Contact Pupila Family Eye & Ear Care today at Energy Corridor: 346-258-5701 | Lantern Lane: 346-258-5205