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Say Goodbye to Spider Veins

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What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are thread-sized blood vessels that can pop up just about anywhere on your body, though they most often appear on the face and legs.

They can be red, blue or purple in color — and get their name from the web-like pattern they create just below the surface of the skin.

Although spider veins don’t pose a health risk, they can impact your confidence, especially if you can’t completely conceal them with makeup.

What Causes Spider Veins?

When the blood vessels in the face or legs become dilated — usually as a result of poor circulation — non-functional thin, web-like spider veins can appear.

Spider veins typically affect adults over the age of 30, and are often linked to genetics, obesity, pregnancy or physical trauma.

They tend to become more numerous and visible with age, as the skin thins and becomes more translucent.

Accumulated sun damage can also play a role in their severity.

Can Spider Veins Be Removed?

Yes! At Clariti Aesthetics and Wellness, we offer ICON intense pulse light (IPL) laser treatments to reduce the appearance of spider veins and give you the clear complexion you’ve been dreaming about.

The ICON laser treatment is fast and effective. The laser energy passes through the outer layer of your skin to destroy the blood vessels responsible for your spider veins. So your skin remains unharmed while its natural beauty is restored.

Contact Pupila Family Eye & Ear Care in Houston today to learn more about our ICON laser system and how it can help you maintain clearer, younger-looking skin.