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Good Eye Health and Your Child’s Education

Good Eye Health Your Childs Education

Good eye health and vision are essential elements of your child’s success in school, no less than having the right pencils, notebooks, and textbooks. Even if your child passes a vision screening with flying colors, and they have 20/20 visual acuity, they may still struggle with proficiency in basic visual skills such as visual tracking, convergence and divergence, and depth perception. This can cause your child to have difficulty in school, as well as other areas of life, such as sports.

Is your child behind their peers in reading or other school subjects? Book a pediatric eye exam today to see if their vision is the issue.

Symptoms that may interfere with your child’s ability to learn include:

  • Difficulty keeping track of where they are on a written page
  • Missing words while reading
  • Headaches and eyestrain while trying to read or write for an extended period of time

Visual skill deficiencies can also result in your child having a hard time maintaining visual or mental focus while in class. This can cause them to miss vital information about schoolwork or homework during class, and may result in misdiagnosis of ADHD. If you suspect your child’s attention deficit is based on visual problems rather than ADHD, come visit our Houston eye doctors for a comprehensive eye exam.

How Vision Therapy Can Help

Visual skill deficiencies cannot be addressed by simply updating your child’s glasses or contact lens prescription. Vision therapy is a personalized regimen of at-home and in-office exercises that addresses these deficiencies by strengthening the connection between your eyes and your brain. Our eye care team is specially trained to detect visual skill deficiencies and use vision therapy to correct them, so that your child can begin to see more clearly and comfortably while at school.

Want to learn more about your child’s vision and how vision therapy can help them reach their full potential? Come visit our Houston pediatric eye care experts at Pupila Family Eye & Ear Care today!


Is vision therapy covered by insurance?

In many cases, vision therapy will be covered by your insurance. It’s important to note, however, that this coverage is not automatic. It will depend on the exact diagnosis of your visual skill deficiencies, the type of insurance you have, and more. Our eye care team can help you take a look and determine exactly what you’re covered for.

Can vision therapy help with dyslexia?

According to the American Academy of Optometry and American Optometric Association, vision therapy is not proven to directly treat dyslexia. This is because dyslexia is an issue with the brain’s interpretation of visual information, rather than an issue with how the eyes are working together with each other and the brain.

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