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Unexpected SURPRISING results! | Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL) Testimonial

I didn't expect to see the different immediately after having this procedure done, but was I wrong.  I saw difference immediately.  One eye was done at a time and after the first eye was treated, I was amazed at how clear I could see.  I noticed immediately that the eye that had not been treated had a yellow film.  The eye that was treated was clear.  I had no idea I was looking at the world through yellowish lenses.

The best comparison for me was that I felt like you do when you get a new lens cap for a headlight on your car.  Before the change, you may not notice your headlights are yellowish and dingy, but after you can see how the light is bright and clear.

The treatment was like a spa for my eyes and cleaned my lenses.

There is a slight annoyance in having your eye covered by a lens for a few days, but the results make it worth it.

I am glad I had this done and I would recommend this treatment.

- Patricia MC — Spring, TX

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