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Your Eyes and Your Heart Health

Your Eyes and Your Heart Health Pupila Family Eye Care

Did you know that, according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a person dies every 34 seconds in the United States from heart disease? It’s true! Another thing you may not know? Tell-tale signs of heart disease are often first visible in the eyes. This means that comprehensive eye exams with our Houston eye doctors at Pupila Family Eye & Ear Care aren’t just important for keeping your eyes healthy and your vision clear. They’re also an essential part of protecting your whole-body health.

CTA: No matter your age, your eyes tell a story about your whole body. Book an eye exam for you our your child today!

So, what signs is your eye doctor looking for during your eye exam to alert them to potential issues with your heart health?

One sign that is easily detectable by your eye doctor during a comprehensive eye exam is thinning in the walls of the blood vessels inside your eye. This can be caused by systemic issues such as high blood pressure and irregular blood sugar levels. It can also lead to your blood vessels beginning to leak fluid into the back of your eye, potentially causing blindness. The thinning of these blood vessel walls, and the resulting leakage of fluids are strong signs of possible heart disease and diabetes.

Another sign that you may be at risk for a heart-related condition is clogged blood vessels in the eye. High cholesterol can cause fat deposits to begin collecting inside veins and arteries throughout your body. Often, parts of these fat deposits break off and are carried throughout the body in the bloodstream. When these bits of fat reach smaller blood vessels, like in your eye, they can get caught, blocking blood flow and significantly increasing your chances of stroke, aneurism, or heart attack.

CTA: Want to learn more about how your eyes can be an indicator of your overall health? Come visit our Houston eye doctors at Pupila Family Eye & Ear Care, or give us a call at 346-258-5701 today!

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